My first post, and why I created this blog.

Posted: July 17, 2015 | Author: Glen Keane |

I just completed my personal website and blog! Yay! I can now start to create blog posts and share them with friends and foes alike :D If you stumbled across these rambles by accident and want to read more about me, check out the about me section. This post is the inauguration post for my blog so I would like to clearly define the mission statement of my blog, and what I would like to do with it.

Mission statement, Meta talk and My plans

My blog is for my friends, tech enthusiasts and developers who might want a window into my life, or for those who may need an indepth how-to reference post on a topic I am familar with. I will try to keep it clear, helpful and professional where needed, and I will try to let my personality shine through where appropriate. Like right here! :D

My motivation for this blog is twofold, the first reason is simple, I need proper online personal professional representation, and the second reason is that I spend most of my day talking tech, making things with tech and just generally thinking all things tech, so I should probably put those thoughts somewhere where I can refer to easily. I can barely remember what I had for dinner yesterday, let alone what I was thinking about yesterday, so I need this, more than anyone else. It will be my place of reference for tech things I worked on, which I think are pretty cool, but way too complicated to keep in my head, going forward. Enter, my new journal and encyclopedia of reference on yesterdays forgotten thoughts and dev work.

How-to posts are going to be essential to my blog as well, as I am a very practical learner (or remember-er, for those times I am re-reading a post). I want my blog to be a quality reference which I can be proud of. And the only way to do that, is to get blogging!

Not just for serious talk…

But it doesn’t have to be all super serious with no fun talk, I also plan on chipping in with my thoughts about some current events which are causing a stir, talking about gaming, online life, comedy and I might even put together a clickbait-y ‘top 10 reasons why…’ for fun. Blogging will be an activity that cuts into my pleasure time, so I will always try to keep it pleasurable by talking about things that interest me. :)

Thanks for reading, I hope this ramble has explained what I made this site for, and what I plan on doing with it!

Next time, I plan on talking about how I made this site, using Jekyll, Github and more. This site was built on tools which anyone can avail of for free, so, if doing something similar interests you, then tune in next time.

(The new post is live and available over here)

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I am a 24 year old Senior Software Engineer from Waterford, Ireland. I work for a local web consultancy called NearForm, where I work with high performance node.js, scalable microservice architectures and moonlight in the devops world. I also like to play with Rust whenever I get the chance. I'm an honors graduate in Applied Computing from Waterford institute of technology. I also love gaming and often spend my evenings playing games like Fallout 4, Skyrim or GTAV, or hacking away on whatever takes my fancy.

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